COVID-19 Information and support

Wonderfully made woman remains dedicated to providing the necessary information and support during this unusual times.

In this uncertain times, please take note of the activities/services we provide

1-2-1 support and mentoring via telephone, text/Whatsapp

Pidgin English telephone helpline for African women in Greater Manchester. Pidgin English is a common language for Africans, we offer this service because there is a need for it in our community.

Reality show: Facebook live everyone Thursday 11am to 12pm, discussing issues relating to women and girls in a holistic context.

Zoom hangout, wellness project for GIRLS 11 to 18years: Theme; Be happy regardless! (Call to register your child) Thursday 1pm to 2:30pm

Zoom hangout for WOMEN: Dance session, confidence building workshops, chat and learn. Every Wednesday from 1pm to 2:30pm

The zoom hangout for women and girls, is to help improve their physical, mental and emotional well being

Shopping: Supporting those who are unable to go out. Providing African food for our women

We are part of the Ardwick & Longsight COVID mutual aid group, Mama health and poverty partnership and The Manchester Maya project

We are working with over 20 organizations across Greater Manchester to support women and girls and their families

Thanks to all our volunteers who are working so hard to provide these services.

Please check our facebook ,instagram and twitter for more information.

Kindly contact us on 07846620160


For information and support.