Bernie Portbury - Our Chair

Bernie is a great encourager and ensures the best in others, completed her Diploma in Clinical Healthcare Support, working within the NHS and community, she is passionate about women and girls.

Email: Bernadine@wonderfullymadewoman.org

Email: Info@wonderfullymadewoman.org

Veronica Odum

A humanitarian, philanthropist , advocate for women, Inspirational Speaker, Performer/ Entertainer. She has a BSc in Mathematics and a Diploma in Theology. One of the founding members of WMW has continued to inspire any woman who crosses her path, who is going through domestic abuse or any kind of abuse or is vulnerable one way or the other.

Fondly called, “Mama Manchester” because of her great humanitarian works which has made her a force to reckon with in Manchester City. In her words “I met Ehinor not just when she started sharing her success story but was with her all through that Journey. Thus, when she healed and got restored; then decided to give back to her community and the world at large, I was overjoyed. I have given her my support ever since, as I watch her soar. I have been very busy with so many things over the years, from counselling women, teaching at various platforms, performing dramas and dance and most importantly is my regular job as a Mental Health Support Worker for over 20 yrs here in the UK.

Lately, I thought to myself; ‘it is about time I become an active team player in WMW. Being the Oldest in the team and most experienced like I will always say, "I have seen it all”; from an Abusive childhood to an Abusive marriage, to being a single mother just to mention a few; My wealth of experience and talents will continue to be of great value to WMW especially to the elderly. I am readily available to give my services for the cause of humanity when ever I am called upon to do so, as it gives me joy to give back to my community.

Rev Oludare Babalola

Founder of Issachar Generation Ministries based in Gorton, Manchester. His vision is to raise leaders and add value to others, He is a youth mentor. This is the passion that made me a part of the founding members of wonderfully made woman, whose aim is to provide holistic support for women and girls, helping them build their confidence. Rev Oludare is married to Mrs Ona Babalola and they have four children.

Email: Dare@wonderfullymadewoman.org

Adesuwa Igori

As a survivor of domestic abuse, and having gone through various obstacles to regain her confidence, Adesuwa has become a force to reckon in her given field.

She has a heart to help women going through similar issues.


Iderimoere Ere

A Motivational Speaker, Young Persons Mentor, Performer/ Entertainer’ and above all , a Niger Delta Woman who is passionate about empowering women and young girls through charitable works. That desire was born many years ago as a child who saw her mum and aunties being domestically abused. I have been working with various charity organisations as a volunteer to pursue that vision and the hope of one day being able to go back to my place of Origin and help women and girls who may still be going through one form of abuse or the other.

That dream became more alive when I heard about Ehinor and the great contributions she was making in the lives of women and girls in Greater Manchester and all over the world. I made my way to one of her Wednesday sessions and have not stopped following her progress and being a part of her activities whenever I have the time to. Ehinor has been a giant and a pillar to most women some of which I personally witnessed. As a woman, my association with her has helped improved my confidence and values. I was no doubt grateful and excited when she invited me to be a part of the team. Being a part of the team will further strengthen my passion to use my giftings such as dance/ entertainment to brighten the likes of service users who are isolated and need to restore and heal. I am also able to render services in the area of the talk show and deliver speeches in various platforms as well as coordinating projects and various events as well as activities in order to support vulnerable women in their journey to gaining back their confidence.