Why is dance seen as the strength of a wonderfully made woman?

Women have always played a significant role in dance history. When a woman dances, it could be related to fertility. In some parts of Africa, there is a fertility dance, where maidens come and dance to express or showcase their femininity. We have had stories of women who have danced to celebrate the victory of kings and also to make demands of kings. This goes to show dance is a powerful tool for the wonderfully made woman.

‘From my personal experience I have used dance as a means of reducing stress. Dance is therapeutic, it makes you feel good about yourself. Anytime I am unhappy I play music and before I know it, I am happy again’ by Ehinor.

Most programmes for abused women is either art/craft or coffee morning, many of these women have left their countries and they miss home. Therefore, WMW wanted to do something that will make these women happy, make them come out of isolation, something that can make them smile each time they come out for a session. Most times dance helps women find their balance, it reminds them of their femininity and gives them a chance to embrace their femininity again and again.

During the workshop, we discuss what dance is, why we dance and the effects of dancing. Participants will also be learning various African dance steps which will be showcased during a community fun day on Saturday 24th October, 2015.

The WMW Dance Workshop is on every Wednesday 11am – 1pm.

World Harvest Christian Centre,
Seymour Road South,
Clayton, Manchester
M11 4PG

Places are limited as we currently have 22 women enrolled.

If you wish to join this event, please contact us below!