Domestic abuse in Christian Homes: a myth or a reality?

A myth is a story that is passed along through time from person to person.It’s not just any old story but a new story with a purpose or lesson which could also be fictional.Reality on the other hand means the state of things as they exist,something that is actually experienced or seen.Is domestic abuse in christian homes a myth,just a story or a reality?Are people especially in Christian homes actually experiencing it?The answer is :YES. Domestic abuse happens everyday.It is happening to men,women and children,but raley do men get abused and even when they do,they are most likely to be openly abused than women.

What is Domestic Abuse? Women’s aid defines it as physical,sexual,emotional,psycological or financial violence that takes place within an intimate or family-type relationship and that forms a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour.Naturally,couples can say things that are hurtful when they are angry.However there is a difference between a normal argument and abusive,fighting and threatening behaviour.Domestic abuse doesn’t always have to be physical.Most times a lot of men would say ‘I don’t abuse my wife’ only because they do not physically abuse thier wives,not recognising the fact that domestic abuse can also be emotional,financial,or even sexual.

Why is domestic abuse happening in Christian homes?

One would have thought that such things should not happen,but sadly research shows that many women who go through Domestic abuse are born-again Christians and my heart bleeds when you discover that some of these women are wives of/or Ministers of God.Women do not only go through domestic abuse,but it is sad that they are unable to tell thier stories to someone either because they are afraid of what people will say or because the society now sees it as a ‘NATURAL THING’ for women to be abused.When a woman is abused,she is not SANE enough to take proper care of the family.

Please let say ‘NO’ to domestic Abuse and for those going through any form of domestic abuse regardless of who you are as a man,woman or even a child,’SPEAK OUT’. Tell someone who can help you before it is too late.

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God bless you all and i pray that the true love of God will continually dwell in our homes.

Always remember that :YOU ARE WONDERFUULY MADE.

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