Dwelling in perfect peace

Dwelling in Perfect Peace. It is only God who can give you the peace that no man can give. When you have gone through humiliation, it is very difficult to let go. It is human to keep thinking of everything that has happened to you, but as a child of God you must do all you can in order to enjoy a divine peace of mind.

How to dwell in perfect peace:
(1) Acceptance: As a woman you must first of all accept what has happened to you. Denying or covering up your challenges just to make people feel you have a perfect home, or that the situation at hand has no negative effect on you will only cause you more pain. You must learn to accept that you have been hurt, or that you are still hurting, and then look for a way forward by being very positive that all will be well and also tell your story to someone who can help you and stop pretending. Keeping it all to yourself will not help. It is sad that most women cannot speak out especially those who are christains because of misinterpretations from what they hear from the church or because the society sees it as a “Normal” thing for a woman to be abused.

(2) Let go of your past and painful experiences: Isaiah 43 verse 18 states “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old”. Most times women dwell so much on past experiences for a long time. Using myself as an example, though i kept telling myself i had moved forward, I never allowed my past to go out of my mind .I remembered everything that happened to me, all the painful statements, the humiliations and the fears. The humiliation was too much that i kept it in my heart but the truth is that it caused me more pain than comfort. When i decided to let go and let God, things started turning around for good. Even though naturally i still remember them, but i only laugh and thank God because all the hurts, pains, fears are all gone. Everything turned around for my good. For example, if i had not experienced all that pain, Wonderfully Made Woman will not be here to also help women who had suffered and still suffering bring back their confidence.

(3) Forgiveness: There is no justification for sin. No matter how you have been badly treated by someone, you must learn to forgive even when the person never asked for your forgiveness because unforgiveness will only make you stay stagnant and it is not worth it. Let go and let God, it is not an easy thing to do and that is why you need the grace of God. Forgiveness opens new doors, it brings favour and it allows the presence of God to dwell within you. It also brings peace to your soul.

(4) Focus on God: God will keep you in “Perfect Peace” only when your mind is stayed on Him. Learn to trust God because He is ever dependable. One of the reasons why we feel so sad when we have been rejected is because we put our trust in men. Most times we spend so much time crying, thinking and looking for someone to pity us. We don’t need all that, instead ask God for strength because God can never give you temptation that will over power you. Learn to put all your trust in God.

(5) Be thankful always: Learn to thank God in every situation. He alone knows best. He has a reason for what you have experienced or still experiencing. Thank God because you are alive, so many women do not survive what you have passed through, so thank Him. When there is life ,there is always hope. When a man closes a door at you, God opens a better and a wider door for you. Praises to God will provoke God to move on your behalf.

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