Our Founder

Ehinor Otaigbe-Amedu

Ehinor our Founder

For over ten years, Mrs Ehinor Otaigbe-Amedu has been a noteworthy leader in building confidence and self-esteem in women and young girls. She is Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Wonderfully Made Woman, a charity credited with contributions in creating a safe and interactive environment for women and girls to be educated, empowered, and encouraged to thrive and live fulfilling lives.

Her vision is to assist women to get back their confidence, and value themselves the way Christ has placed so much value on them. Ehinor has a passion for marriage, and spends time counselling women on how to make their marriages work, and her wise counsel has produced a lot of happy marriages. Ehinor once lost confidence in herself after her eight years of marriage hit the rock, but found inspiration in her circumstance by learning from her experiences, finding her purpose, and like a butterfly, evolved into the joyful woman God has made her be.

Ehinor, a self-described humanitarian, has recently been honoured with The Prime Minister’s Point of Light Award for her outstanding support to women and girls in need, and for making a lasting impact in her community. The Wonderfully Made Woman charity was recognised in 2020 with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award given to Voluntary groups in the UK.

Serving as the CEO at Wonderfully Made Woman, Ehinor has played a major role in supporting women particularly those who have experienced domestic abuse. She is passionate about addressing the stereotype of being a single mother in the community, for she has lived through that experience and is drawn to helping other single mothers. Throughout the pandemic, she has helped women build their self-esteem, and also reduced social isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic through virtual events and 1-2-1 phone calls to ensure they remain connected, and take part in activities together.

Her charity, Wonderfully Made Woman, started the first African food bank in Greater Manchester to support BAME women and their families since the COVID-19 outbreak. The foodbank has since supported over 1,890 people across Greater Manchester since its inception in 2020. Through her commitment, she has helped over 500 women access housing benefits, childcare support, and has supported women with immigration issues.

Prior to her current role at Wonderfully Made Woman, Ehinor worked at British Gas and Department for Work and Pension, but her love to serve others pushed her to set up her charity while working, and she has never looked back ever since. Ehinor later headed the Women Affairs Nigeria Community Manchester (NCM) where she was focused on improving lives and creating invaluable support in the community. She has been featured in the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Research Advisory Group(BRAG), and has taken part in several community projects like the Manchester Maya Project, Female Genital Mutilation Awareness, and Women Empowerment Workshops. This passion to support a safe, fair and dignified environment for women, led to her receiving various awards and nominations from various organisations for her outstanding impact in the community.

Although a lawyer by profession, Ehinor’s quest for knowledge and tools to create positive change led her to obtain a Diploma in Counselling and Care and a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as added educational qualifications. She believes that advocating for better lives for women and children is a never-ending learning process.

Ehinor also oversees the Ehinor Otaigbe Foundation, a registered charity in Nigeria aimed at alleviating poverty and improving the lives of the poor and needy. In her spare time, Ehinor goes on outreach programs in churches, seminars, and local communities to speak to women and girls to solve their problems, and inspire them to be the best in all they do. Between optimism and sheer determination, the humanitarian envisions boundless opportunities created by a generation of other change agents in the charity sector with the same vision. For Ehinor, giving back is the most rewarding part of the role.

Outside of the office, Ehinor enjoys dancing, cooking, and spending quality time with her family.

Email: ehinor@wonderfullymadewoman.org