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Empowering Girls Through Education: The Girls Child Project

In October, we celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child. The occasion recognises the importance of adolescent girls and strives to identify their power and potential by providing them with chances. It also strives to empower and amplify the voices of adolescent females all across the world. It aims to raise awareness of and eliminate concerns affecting adolescent girl children. Wonderfully Made Woman recognise that girls suffer gender-based issues across the world, including child marriage, discrimination, violence, and limited educational prospects, and are poised to change these issues, one girl at a time.

As part of our efforts to empower the girl child, we identified a community in Edo State, Nigeria, where young girls face limited educational prospects, and we stepped in to make a difference. Girls’ education benefits not just the girls, but also their communities and the country as a whole. Girls with a good education can make informed decisions that benefit the nations social and economic well-being.


At the end of our visit, we accomplished the following:

  • Distributed 1,000 notebooks to adolescent girls enabling them to have materials to excel in school.
  • Supported 11 girls with a month worth of meal vouchers to facilitate their learning. We know a hungry child cannot learn anything at school.
  • Funded business for nine mothers to enable them to have a regular source of income and feed their family.
  • Established our mentorship and confidence-building programme, and we are currently mentoring 325 young girls.
  • Provided shelter for a young girl and her siblings to feel safe and comfortable.

Giving a girl an extra year of education over the national average increases her future earnings by 20%. This has far-reaching ramifications for females in developing countries.

Help ensure that Wonderfully Made Woman Girl Child Project has the funding necessary to help all girls successfully complete primary school and go on to secondary school in a safe, supportive, learning environment. Get involved here