From the desk of Wonderfully Made Woman: Tips to boost yourself confidence

1) CELEBRATE YOURSELF: Do not wait for people to celebrate you, you have to start it, say nice things about yourself. Years ago when I was going through challenges, I did not look good anymore but do you know what? I used to look at the mirror on a daily basis and I will tell myself: “EHINOR YOU ARE WONDERFULLY MADE”, after a while I started acting like one and today I don’t need to tell anyone, people see me and they know that, indeed God has made me well. So start celebrating yourself.

2) LEARN TO RELAX: Do you know that Stress and anxiety can reduce your self confidence? Yes it can. You feel less emotional and feel calmer when you are relaxed and that makes you more in control of your life.

3) HAVE A STRONG SOCIAL CIRCLE: Our confidence level is influenced by our social status. Don’t settle for just having some friends, meet new people, socialize and build the best social circle for you.

Keep checking this page for more tips on Self Confidence.Remember Wonderfully Made Woman is a charity organisation that assist women bring back their Confidence.

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