The name of our project is called, It's our time. This project aims to celebrate womanhood and to engage with other women in our community.

The women we work with, following the women stories for change that was funded by awards for all and the production of our first magazine: You are not alone: got inspired about how women from different background came together to share their experiences of domestic abuse and treating topics like making the most of your smartphone and connecting to the issues that matter or are of interest to people.

The project had Facebook and Twitter presence to share the work of participants whiles giving them an opportunity to put their learning into practice. This made the women more interested in using their skills to tell their stories and write. The women want to improve in their writing and develop that skill, by doing it in a fun way.

The women came up with this idea, that women mostly talk about what has not worked for them, their bad experiences and wanted to change the narrative. They want to share for the first time good things about themselves, to enable them to celebrate themselves and be proud of who they are and have become regardless of what they have gone through.

To participate, kindly contact 07846620160 or email :