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Summer Fun- Wonderfully Made Woman Family Stay and Play Session

As part of our activities for this summer: to offer an action-packed range of fun activities and food for mothers and their children, Wonderfully Made Woman held a play session at the children’s centre in Manchester recently. 

The play session had fifteen children in attendance, and they had a great time. Activities aimed to support the children’s development such as arts and crafts, to a range of action-packed sessions that explored different games like ball playing, drawing, and painting was provided in a relaxed and fun environment. The children had a lot of fun and made new friends.


Mothers also had an opportunity to chat with other mothers to share their experiences and access support and advice from the Wonderfully Made Woman team. The aim of the family stay and play session is to work with children and mothers to encourage them to play together to improve attachments, strengthen bonds and children’s overall development. 


Wonderfully Made Woman plans these sessions to encourage mothers to engage with their children in small group settings, to help build their confidence in playing with their children which increases early attachment and bonding. We thank all the mothers present at the family stay and play, having you around makes all that we do worthwhile.