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Women at the Breakfast club session.

Wonderfully Made Woman Breakfast Club: Empowering Women

It was a great way to start the year! Wonderfully Made Woman kicked off the year with our first Breakfast Club meeting, and it was really great seeing everyone after the short Christmas break. Our Breakfast Club is a Female-only meeting that creates a community where women feel comfortable and safe to talk about issues that affect them.

We had the women come together to discuss their experiences over the holidays and to speak about their individual needs. At the breakfast club, we encourage women to speak out and share, knowing that other women will understand and relate to what they have to say. This is important especially for the shy women who have a hard time opening up, so this creates an opportunity to enhance their communication skills, build confidence and acquire networking experience.

An important outcome was a reminder to women on the importance of cancer screening and awareness. We used this opportunity to speak about the barriers to cancer screening and ways to manage those barriers. They were all reminded of the benefit of screening in saving lives from cancer and with this knowledge, there will be an increase in survival rates. By coming together, the women gained exposure to new ways to check their breasts for abnormalities, healthy tips, and educational information, thereby expanding their knowledge. The meeting also produced six women interested in becoming Answer Cancer Champions and taking the conversation further to their various communities.

At the end of the meeting, the women took part in a dance session to work their bodies; from the tiny muscles in their feet to their chin and cheeks, everyone was filled with excitement and bright smiles. We were all able to express ourselves fully. It was a full-body workout – and an epic one at that!


We are grateful to be supported by The Grange Community Resource Center to host our breakfast and dance sessions every Wednesday from 10:00 am t0 12:00 pm. For more information on the Wonderfully Made Woman Breakfast Club, contact Bernie- 07846620160 or send us a mail