We provide support to young girls aged from 10 to 18 years old, helping them build their confidence. We organise Confidence building seminars and we work with other charities who do similar work.


Funded by UK Youth through BBC Children in need fund


The following report gives an overview on the WMW Wellness project for young girls aged 11-18 geared towards improving their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The UK youth funding helped increase the number of young girls attending, initially we had 18 young girls who regularly come, this increased to 30. The funding supported more girls who were on the waiting list. We had weekly session of what make you happy sessions, and when the lockdown started, we had to use zoom. The project before and during the lockdown supported 67 young girls in total through weekly zoom.

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN SUPPORT: Continuation through zoom

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, stress, depression, loneliness became a major concern, especially with the lockdown. This project was timely and came handy, which helped to stimulate and engage the young girls towards participating in positive activities and well enhanced sessions to boost their confidence, learn new skills, exercise sessions, leadership training skills, hygiene, healthy tips and to improve overall wellbeing.


Resource personalities delivered talk to enhance mental awareness training.

According to https://wwbroward.eduzexl.ext. ‘’Total Wellness emphasises the importance of knowledge, attitudes and practices or relating to personal Wellness. Relatively, Wellness could also be referred to as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind as a result of deliberate effort.

The above definitions bring to mind the importance of the wellness project. Wonderfully Made Woman Charity aimed at building the confidence of the young persons, by helping them value themselves in a holistic way. The sessions enable the girls to understand perceptions and make deliberate efforts towards healthy living. As a result of the Lock down the WMW resorted to using Zoom for the Girls sessions.

The following measures were adapted:

ZOOM EXERCISE SESSION: The girls were engaged with various exercises to keep fit which help to increase energy level and blood flow, help the brain memory function better, relaxation and quality of sleep, help reduce pain and make them feel happier.

HEALTHY TIPS. According to an adage that says ''Health is Wealth’’ it was vital to bring to fore the importance of staying healthy. Thus, tips such as eating healthy, for instance; taking less sugar, take more of water rather than fizzy drinks, eat more vegetables and fruits, maintain healthy hygiene by regular brushing of teeth, taking regular baths and also reporting any medical concerns to the GP as early as possible and overall cleanliness was discussed with the young persons. advice on the importance of not skipping mealtimes especially breakfast was also given.

CONFIDENCE BUILDING SESSIONS: This session was very interactive and engaging. Girls engaged in discussions about their visions, goals and aspirations. What makes them Stand Out in the community and the world at large. Positive values that can result in leadership skills were installed in the young persons, using variables like measuring them with their role models and mentors in relation to personal gifting and potentials. They were given training to help them have self-confidence and believe in their abilities especially their dreams and academic pursuits.

LEARNING NEW SKILLS; These sessions involved presentation of skills by each girl, enabling others to adapt to new skills. It was a well delivered session. Different presentations via Zoom were performed. Amazing presentations by the girls from Playing Piano and Violin, Gymnastic display, Arts and Crafts such as knitting, painting and Drawings making hair, and make-up. There was an all-inclusive session of Food presentation by different girls. Fantastic dishes/pastries were prepared by these young persons from different backgrounds and ethnic groups to enhance cultural diversity. All these activities were carried out under parental supervision and pictures as well as videos were displayed.

FUN TIME; Wellness session cannot be complete without the fun factor. In order to stimulate a balance between physical and mental/emotional state of mind, there was the narrative of fun sessions. This was achieved through dance sessions, Girls engaged in Tik Tok dance and fun games.

BE HAPPY REGARDLESS: The happy regardless sessions activity boosts deliberate mind building activity. Each girl shared their thoughts on what makes them happy. Knowing what makes you happy helps stabilise your mental/emotional state of mind. What makes one happy is completely different from the other. There were different thoughts on a wide variety of options. Each girl embraced their own collective /individual desires and wants. Wellness is all about deliberate decision making, thus it was paramount that they stay happy irrespective of the challenges. Surprisingly, each girl gave their thoughts also on how they are able to cope, while positive responses to help them build defences on coping skills to avoid depression and other mental issues were delivered.

MOTIVATION: Motivating the girls towards high achievements and standards was enhanced through reward systems. Gifts were presented to the best dancers, most engaging girl, best behaved, most outstanding young person. There were all engaged in improving their writing skill and mental intellect through Poems and a list of Role models. Gifts were awarded to the best Poem presentation.

SHOW OF KINDNESS: One of the strengths of a proper wellness session is to emphasise the need to be kind to someone or give back to the community as it gives that fulfilment internally. It also enables one to interact and engage with others instead of self-isolating and dealing with depression and other related issues. The girls engaged in organising a zoom hangout surprise birthday party for one of the girls turning 10years who really wanted to celebrate her birthday party desperately and could not do so because of cover-19. It was an awesome moment and very emotional to see the celebrant and her mother very happy.

OUTCOME: The project was overall very successful and interesting. The girls were actively engaged and feedback from parents and carers signified rapid improvements in behavioural patterns and general wellness of the girls.

The out we achieved as stated was

a Young people are safe and confident in their future

- c. Young people have positive health and wellbeing

- d. Young people are active members of their communities

- e. Young people are treated fairly and equally


Difficulty with classes/homework

Not going out and being able to see friends

Not having immediate responses from teachers when having problems with homework

Parents not working due to loss of Job and cannot afford basic needs.

Bored due to constant stay at home.

Finding something entertaining due to Isolation

Doing the same thing over again

Too much of phone use due to boredom and lack of activity

Having no physical contact with friends and extended family

Isolation /loneliness for some due to lock down

Not being able to go to the park and Leisure centres


Being around family and friends

2. Being around people who are familiar

making new friends, play games and having quality friendship

Being around people who are trustworthy and hanging out with friends

Going out to visit fun places

learning new things

Freedom to do things

Seeing other people being people


Keeping a structure and things that can support positively

Take time to relax and breathe

Do not over work or do things

Find a way to do things that make you happy

Acknowledge and articulate mental health issues and seek help

Put things in place that will make you cope

Have a regular routine structure for activities

Be kind to others to keep wellness levels high

Try to learn new skills and develop yourself

Support with house chores and be useful to carers and parents

Improve hygiene levels,

Do a checklist of positives and negative behaviours and activities and eliminate the negatives until you are sure to keep track of the positives. this helps you stay focus with positive energy

Have respect for others so that you can also attract the same.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The Parents/girls who participated wanted to have more sessions. They recommend future sessions.


Have more sessions in future that will run continuously

To include ages between 7 -20

Sessions will help combat Post Covid-19 Impact

CONCLUSION: Wellness sessions are very vital and should be inclusive as a daily part of living. This is because wellness is more than being free from illness. Especially for teenage girls going through different developmental stages. It is of essence as it presents a dynamic process of change and growth could be a state of complex physical mental and emotional/social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease.

Wonderfully Made Woman Charity Organisation is very pleased to continue to deliver this holistic support to our young girls. Delivering Wellness sessions in order to actively help and engage our young girls through the process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

We have girls who through these sessions have become so confident to the extent that they have developed their own brand of businesses and are on their way to becoming entrepreneurs.

The wellness sessions are very essential for young girls especially after post cover-19 impact on the majority of youths. The continuation of these sessions will continue to stimulate lifelong learning. Engage teenagers/youths alike with skills such as Arts and crafts, Dance, Music, and other creative activities which will help with their overall mental health and Wellbeing. Helping these girls to have a balanced healthy life which is all inclusive, no doubt will produce future leaders with sound mind, making positive decisions for a greater cause and society at large.