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Welcome to Wonderfully Made Woman

Wonderfully made woman is a charity set up to help women and girls bring back their confidence in every area of their lives and to make them value themselves. Whether you are married, single,single mother, separated, divorced or a widow, help is available for you. We provide holistic support women and girls.

Do you feel worthless because of what you have gone through or still going through?
Do you feel there is no hope anymore?
Do you feel insecure or do believe you can never make it?
Are you thinking of how to bring up your children in the right way and do not know how?
Is your marriage at the edge of breaking down?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then Wonderfully Made Woman is the best place to seek help where you will meet Wonderfully Made Women and Men who can assist and support you to live with a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Our services are women and girls regardless of race, sexuality, and belief.

There are ways in which you and your church can get involved in ending violence against women and girls. You can assist us by inviting us to your church to raise awareness , You can assist by donating any amount of money, which will be used to provide support for victims, this will be greatly appreciated.

The Wonderfully Made Woman charity activities are made up of two projects - Faith Projects and Community Projects.

Explore these projects below: